Escrow Checkout on Coin World Marketplace

For Buyer
The Escrow Service makes buying from unknown sellers easier and more secure:
Your payment is safely stored in an escrow account where it stays until the item is in your hands. You can buy from international sellers easily and rely on us for support during the purchasing process.
For Seller
Make your listing more appealing: By using the Escrow Service, you create trust with potential customers and increase your sales chances. Our team is happy to help with the sales process at any time. And the best part: The Escrow Checkout is completely free for you as a seller.
Pay Securely When Buying From a Seller
1. Payment via an escrow account - Security is essential. You receive your purchase first.
Afterwards, the seller receives your payment.
2. Flexible payment options - Whether credit card, bank transfer or PayPal,
you can easily buy from sellers worldwide via the Escrow Service.
3. Personalized support - We're always available to help. If something doesn't go as planned,
we're there to help you and the seller find a mutually satisfactory solutions.
Safe and Secure Payment Processing
We take care of the entire transaction. Your funds are held securely in an escrow account where it remains until the order has been accepted. Your money is then transferred directly into your account.
Insured and Monitored Shipping
Dealers ship every order fully insured and with a tracking number. You can view the status of your order anytime in your account or Dealer area.
Flexible Payment Options
The Escrow Checkout service is especially helpful for buying internationally. Your customers can easily pay via credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal worldwide.
Create Trust
Make your listing more appealing. A transparent payment method makes interested buyers more likely to make a purchase.
Personalized Support
We're always available to help. If something doesn't go as planned, we're there to help you and the buyer find a mutually satisfactory solution.

How Do Sales Via the Escrow Checkout Work?

The buyer purchases your coin
The buyer transfer money to the escrow account
We notify you when to ship
The buyer accepts your shipment
You receive your money

Do you still have questions?

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