1920-S 1C MS66 RB PCGS CAC
1920-S 1C MS66 RB PCGS CAC 1920-S 1C MS66 RB PCGS CAC 1920-S 1C MS66 RB PCGS CAC 1920-S 1C MS66 RB PCGS CAC

Pop 1. Finest. None other finer or tied for finest In any designation. This stands out as the single finest 1920-S 1c. An important, popular rare date for the series. This offered example unlike many which have been recently graded has long been herald as the single finest since it was graded in 2003 a year prior it went to auction. The last time this sold in 2005 was for $9,200. It was described as “Extremely well struck for a '20-S Lincoln, with golden-tan surfaces that display a near-full Red appearance. A nick on Lincoln's coat is the most obvious blemish. One of the more underappreciated Lincoln issues as a Gem. Currently, this is the single finest example certified by either service.” The coin which still resides in the same holder, color appears no less red than it did then. The color stabilized and should be a red by today's level. A 65+ PCGS red comes with a price guide of $50,000. Should a 66 red CAC be made it should sell for a record price for the Lincoln series, excluding off metal or proofs, likely in the $200,000 range. The price guide of this 66 RB PCGS CAC does not consider the fact that it has not sold in 15 years, the example is still the finest, is a cac and most importantly is full red by any standard today or extremely close then. In fact by a regular Lincoln S mint this is also undervalued when comparing MS65+ RD to a regular MS66 RB, in many cases they hold the same if not within a 25% range for w regular 66 RB.

1920-S 1C MS66 RB PCGS CAC

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Listing Id:CWMP001815779
Grade: MS 66
Additional Info: RB
Year: 1920
Mint Mark: s


Country Flag United States Of America

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