Half Dollars Kennedy
Half Dollars Kennedy Half Dollars Kennedy Half Dollars Kennedy

Unc (14: 4;5;5). A Deep Mirror Prooflike! This issue was issued only in mint sets and the typical 1970-D is frosty with numerous marks. Gems are rare. Deep mirror Prooflikes are Ultr-rare. Only 4 to 6 are known out of a 2 million mintage. It looks like a proof. The coin is not flawless; it has a debris strike-though in the upper left obverse. There are some contact marks on the cheek; bust truncation and in the field left on the nose. The reverse has a few marks in the field by the left wing. There are numerous die finishing lines here and there - under the ear; on the neck. There are die polishing marks everywhere in the field. The coin is white. the images showing color are only reflecting ambient colors in the room where the images were taken. There is no toning. I have never seen anything like this coin! it is a monster!

Half Dollars Kennedy

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Listing Id:CWMP001472896
Grade: MS 63
Year: 1970

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